Industrial Services


All about savanna environmental:

We are a Perth-based company that deals with the cleaning of various hazardous or non-hazardous sites. We expertise in several cleaning services especially in the provision of contaminated land remediation. We are a company that provides our services internationally. We are well-known for being efficient in asbestos cleaning and asbestos management. We have a fully trained group of skilled and workmen who are professionally trained for fixing and cleaning toxic and hazardous places. We are the best and expert in this field and know how to do our work efficiently and professionally. We assure all our customers that our work will be the best and guarantee that they will never regret choosing us instead, they would us again once working with us.

The service procedure at Savana Environmental:

At Savana Environmental, we have a few steps in which we provide our services. These steps are listed below:

  1. Consultation:

This is the very first step towards the provision of our services. In this service, we provide the very first meeting of ours to our customers. In this particular step, the client tells us the affected area and then we analyze all the problems in this meeting. This step is the encouragement of breaking the ice amongst us and our customers. We assure our valued customers that we will come up with the best solution for this issue of this particular place. We think of the solutions to treat a particular place in this step.

2. Preparation:

This is the second step towards the start of our services in which we start to plan and prepare the solutions that were previously discussed with our customer in the previous step. In this step, we prepare the list of things and the arrangement that should be made to carry out these solutions that are planned. in the step of preparation, our professionally expert staff manages all the requirements and needs of the services that are to be prepared beforehand before carrying out the actual solution. This step requires permission from the client that we would be working in the client’s particular place under our supervision. We would prepare for the best solution that we found out in this step.

3. Implementation:

In this step, the previous preparation of the solution is carried out. The execution of all the previously made plans is done in this step. This step is the actual start of our services.

4. Aftercare:

We make sure that we do not help our customers just for a particular time. We take responsibility for the work and solutions we provided and feel the sense of responsibility to look after it afterward. Check this link to find out more details.