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Importance Of Farming And Agriculture Industries

controlled traffic farming

Farming and agriculture are important industries which are the basis of the economies of many different countries. They provide useful and indispensable support to other industries as they provide a source of raw material which are used in various different industries to produce different goods. However, one of the most important functions of the farming and agriculture industry is the production of food products. They are crucial in ensuring that the country and the citizens of that country are self-sufficient in the food supply that they have. Efficient farming and agriculture practises have led to an increase in the number of crops and yield that is produced for a given area of farming land. Controlled traffic farming is one of those techniques that is used frequently in the modern agricultural landscape as it provides a large amount of benefits and minimises the disadvantages of conventional farming practices.

Harmful Effects of Conventional Farming Practises

Conventional farming practices do not take into account the harmful effects of continued use of heavy machinery on farmland. controlled traffic farming takes into account this process which means that the number disadvantages of continued use of farming practices can be reduced, which ultimately means that there will be a greater efficiency when it comes to the amount of crop yields that are associated with a particular area of farming land.

Controlled traffic farming reduces the number of passes that a particular farm machinery can make on a piece of farming land which reduces the harmful impacts that are associated with continued use of heavy machinery on farmland. The continued use of heavy machinery can reduce the number of voids that are present in a particular soil which can increase the density of the soil. This increase in density ultimately means that water will have a greater level of difficulty while penetrating the soil which can lead to poor plant health, as the plants will not have sufficient water to ensure their adequate growth and health. By minimising the amount of passes a piece of machinery can make on farmland, the risk associated with increasing the density of the soil is reduced which means that there is a greater level of water penetration that can occur in the soil.

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