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Learn Facts About Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are actually an illness and these are considered pretty serious and have effects on the entire lifestyle of an individual. It has been observed in the US especially that around 30 million people have become the victim of the better eating disorders. Fortunately, now there are clinic especially devoted to this and are known as eating disorder clinics which help the people get back to a normal life. What is dangerous is that this disorder could happen to anyone regardless of their gender or the age group. Sometimes, it runs in the family which means that you are likely to have an eating disorder if anyone in your family had have it.

What are the types of eating disorder?

Although all kinds of the eating disorders result in abnormal eating habits and weight fluctuation but these are categorized into following categories.

Anorexia nervosa:

In this eating disorder, the person considers them overweight while they are underweight and due to which they reduce to eat anything at all and their weight keeps on declining every day. This type of the conditions is very damaging and could lead to many serious diseases such as the brain damage, failures of various organs, heart problems and infertility as well which could even be fatal in some cases.

Bulimia nervosa:

In this disorder, the person gets the episodes of the binge eating in which he continuously eats unless and until he is not able to eat anymore or his stomach does not accept anything. This kind of the disorder is difficult to diagnose because it normally happens in the episode and most of the people suffering from it are maintaining the normal weight. Although this recurrent episode could eventually lead to the weight gain and then it could have effects on the heart and other organs of person’s body as well.

Binge eating:

In bulimia nervosa the binge eating episodes do not happen often but in the binge eating disorder this happens very frequently. These people often eat a lot and these eat again and again. Such people are very obese and they keep on gaining weight. Such people lose their confidence and become more vulnerable emotionally which leads to their mental break downs and not only this but the obesity cause them to suffer from the disease like the diabetes, cholesterol, hormonal issues and other heart related issues.

No matter which kind of the eating disorder you or your family member is suffering from you should have go to an clinical psychologist Bondi junction and have it treated by the doctors so that you could return to normal eating habits which are necessary for maintaining the healthy weight.